The Greatest of all Kings, King of the Kings, Aleksandar from Makedon, Alexander the Great

The final resting place of the greatest of all Kings, King of the Kings, Aleksandar from Makedon, Alexander the Great is a location that is inspiring human brains for centuries. Many have tried to lie, manipulate, or just make meaningless profit from the mentioning of the Sacred Name of Makedon during the past. “Scientists”, “investigative journalists”, even governments have tried to be persuasive with their claims about the “great archeological findings”. The broad public audience, always hungry for cheap and false propaganda, is swallowing the informations from all around the world and forgetting about them soon after “the exclusive news” were published.

Scene from the movie “The Man Who Would Be King”, made by the book of Rudyard Kipling

In this century, we could read that the tomb of Alexander the Great is in Egypt, Venice, Turkey, America, Russia, et cetera….Greece 🙂 (there is no such thing as “ancient Greece” – for start, read Martin Bernal – Black Athena). Hellenic tribe Elini is just one of the Pelasgian, white tribes and the other population that is different in body, mind and spirit is something else.

Back to the subject. False hellass propaganda proved that they tried to lie many times. Falce fyromian propaganda, too. Why? Claiming that there is tomb of Filip of Makedon. Philip of Macedon, father of Alexander in Kutlesh – Vergina, tomb of Alexander in Amphipolis, some tomb of Aristotle somewhere in that “modern Greece”, et cetera. In Republic of Macedonia, that changed the name and flag in the past century, and now is called FYROM there were several claims and attemptions to attract the public opinion on the topic “tomb of Alexander the Great”. If it wasn’t so obvious and sad in historical and esoteric point of view, the fact that the airport in Skopje named “Alexander the Great – Aleksandar Veliki” is managed by Turkish company, and the “different” name of the highway from Gevgelija to Skopje – “Aleksandar Makedonski – Alexander of Macedon”, added with the megalomaniac project “Skopje 2014” and the following facts, could be even funny. Previous director of the institution responsible for preserving the cultural heritage in FYROM, in the movie “A name is a name” claimed that “there would be third world war if he revealed the location”. Several years later, he was arrested from the same authorities that he worked with. Now on freedom, while current director is making surface researchs on archeological sites, claiming that “there is no such thing as tomb of Alexander the Great in Republic of Macedonia”. In the same time, the whole world history steals real Macedonian history, artefacts, knowledge… Previously, several claims were made, the “copper book” was involved, and some books were published and had good sales. Almost a decade ago, a businessman from Macedonia, whose company is involved in that project in Skopje, project who forgot that Macedonia is not (only) Skopje, claimed in public that “after he survived clinical death, he had an insight in which some voice showed him the location of a great tomb in which were buried the bodies of Philip, Aristotle and Alexander”. That followed with publishing his books with neuro linguistic programming and dianetics, substudy in scientology. After the attempt to decode and read the Rosseta Stone, macedonian scientists came with a clame in public that they can read even the artefacts that the official Egyptian archeology can’t read. From all locations mentioned in public – Kratovo, Kocani, Belasica, Ohrid, Bitola, Alshar mine, Solunska Glava, etc, several journalists, scientists, businessmen and politicians tried to mention a great mound in Ovce Pole, but without any success in attracting the public opinion nor initiating scientific research. Until the time came and it was announced – AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

23 July 356 BC

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